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Pearls of Wisdom - Fascinating Facts about Pearls

pearls of wisdomNo-one can deny that pearls are beautiful and can be used in jewellery to make stunning creations. But how much do we actually know about them? Apparently there are as many as 17 different types of pearls and these fall into three main categories - natural, cultured and imitation.

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Pearls - Folklore and Healing Properties

pearls folklore and healing propertiesIt is quite amazing that something as beautiful as a pearl starts life in a most unglamorous way, growing from a tiny piece of grit inside a mollusc which is not renowned for its beauty! Although occurring naturally for many centuries the advent of cultured pearls made these wonders available to many more people who can now enjoy the indulgence of owning and wearing stunning pieces of pearl jewellery.

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2,000 Year Old Pearl

2000 year old pearl

Back in 2011 a pearl was unearthed from an archaeological dig that was excavating a coastal aboriginal site in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. It was almost perfectly round, five millimetres in diameter and discovered in an area which was well-known as the heart of Australian cultured pearl production. The question posed by this discovery was whether or not this beautiful pearl was the creation of the modern industry, a tiny treasure that had almost been discarded and sunk down in the earth laying undiscovered until that day in 2011. There was a small chance that it was a genuine natural pearl. The latter explanation seemed unlikely but the researchers at the University of Wollongong were convinced of the authenticity of their find. The pearl didn't have the seed that appears on cultured pearls and exhibited the classic features of a perfect natural pearl.

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Surprise Pearl Finds!

surprise pearl findsPearls have been used in jewellery making and valued highly within our society for many generations, and considered to be great objects of beauty for countless centuries. The most valuable and revered pearls occur quite naturally in oysters or fresh-water mussels but are extremely rare, with the majority of pearls being artificially made, or cultured. They are not the same quality as those that occur naturally but are much cheaper and so are more readily available to everyone.

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Joyful Jackpot Win!

joyful jackpot win

As you know by now we like to share all the best bingo news with you; the good, the bad and the downright ugly! But we start with one of the happier stories, all about a lucky group of 121 bingo players at the Mecca Bingo night in Telford. It all happened on Halloween when the supernatural influences were working their intrigue! The players down at Telford kept their minds on the job in hand which was joining in a countrywide Halloween Firecracker event. Every participating club was given a card of numbers to tick off in one big jackpot game, with the top prize being £100,000. Our Telford tribe waited nervously on the edge of their seats for their next number to come up and some were even chanting "10" to help things along. Imagine their delight as the number 10 was called and they shouted bingo in unison!

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New Online Bingo Sites

new online bingo sites

Bingo is such a popular game these days that new sites are popping up online every day. Some are just a rehash of existing sites and stale playing formulas but others have that special something that sets them above the others. Here at BingoHideout we like to bring you only the best so each week we will feature the best of the new sites and provide you with a review of just what they have to offer.

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Big Cash Prizes - Simply the Best!

big cash prizes

So many online bingo sites with such a variety of offers; it's hard to know which way to turn. They all want YOU and are prepared to lure you in their direction with tempting prizes - a fantastic holiday, a brand new car or a cash prize that might even allow you to buy both with money to spare! No worries - BingoHideout is here to help you through the maze of offers out there and to point you towards those unbelievable big cash prizes.

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Bingo Boosts Poppy Appeal

bingo boosts poppy appeal

We all love a game of bingo and the enjoyment we get from the game is difficult to equal. However one of the few things that enhances our experience even more is playing in the knowledge that we are also boosting the coffers for a worthy cause.

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Bobs Bingo Odds Booster!

bobs bingo odds booster

We all know that bingo is a game of chance and we mostly play just for the fun of it as we all love being part of that happy online community. However many of us have in the back of our minds the thought that it might just be our lucky day and that the next number called might be the one that turns us into the next big jackpot winner. How exciting would that be?

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Look at these Amazing Offers with No Deposit Bingo

amazing offers with no deposit bingo

No deposit bingo is a great way to have a gentle introduction to the game without having any cash outlay. You have a chance to familiarise yourself with the sites' layouts, have a dabble at the game and before you know it you'll be hooked like the rest of us!

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