At Bingo Hideout we love to keep you abreast of all the latest on our favourite sites and this week is no different. May is fast approaching and in between gathering nuts and bank holidays we have a few choice seasonal selections that will keep you wanting more no matter how nice next door's barbecue smells!

Bingo Jetset

We thought we'd mention the excellent Thursday night offer from Bingo Jetset first. With a chance to win a brand new Toshiba laptop every week at 9.45pm, this is the sort of game that every one of our members should know about. Top spec computers are clearly a must for getting the best out of any game and this promotion doesn't have an end date as yet. So get going and see if you can pick up a new bit of kit that will mean you can even play in the garden once the weather picks up!

Wink Bingo

Next up there's a truly revolutionary promo going on over at Wink Bingo at the moment. With a top prize of £5,000 you can spend your winnings on a new garden, kitchen or sprucing up the house.

There's nothing better than improving your assets as it's a long-term investment and if it's at the cost of somebody else that just makes your profit more rewarding! This promo has recently started but is going on till 1st June, which gives you more than adequate chances to win.

The way to win is of course play for points. These are rewarded according to which action you take in the game- with the exception of sending in a photo to the team upon which you will be awarded an extra 10 Bonus Points. Bingo on the House and M patterns for crucial points. All points are awarded automatically and Wink will tot them all up for you. Good Luck.

Bingo Day

Bingo Day also has a fab promo in motion at the moment; the Around The Globe Trip Contest is a cool and very interactive way to win points. Running till June 30th this tourney changes its destinations every week so you will have to stay on top of the game to collect the points from the patterns.

These patterns are in play 24 hours a day and the bonus is you don't even need to be in chat to win, meaning you can pre buy and still keep on track. The winner of this tourney will receive a massive $500 BBS while the runner up will get a cool $300.