All you gorgeous Amazonian, curvaceous, bootylicious, voluptuous online bingo ladies out there pull up a chair as we have news for you. We have just had news hot of the press that the online bingo portal UnluckyForSome.co.uk has an opportunity to bring fame and maybe a little good fortune to your door! UnluckyForSome are launching a ‘Bingo Wings Idol’ competition to celebrate the delightful charms of the larger lady, who may have that little bit extra to share with everyone.

UnluckyForSome are determined to show that bingo wings are not something to be ashamed about, hidden under big floppy cardy’s and long sleeve dresses, they want all the beautiful online bingo players out there to get their bingo wings on display and enter their very special online bingo wings competition. They are looking for confident, larger ladies aged between 18 and 60 to send in 30 second video footage of themselves in all their bingo wings glory, displaying their often hidden charms (keep it clean ladies!). The online bingo wings campaign called rather appropriately ‘Show us your Bingo Wings’ is open to anyone that has the urge to get their face in a commercial (so make sure that you include it in your videos and not just your bingo wings), and who has the confidence to be filmed showing their bingo wings.

Certainly its not for the fainthearted so shrinking violets need not apply, but if you are thinking about entering its worth remembering that bingo wings are not something to be ashamed of, show them with pride. After all well toned upper arms don’t really look that good; see Madonna for evidence of that! No it is true there is certainly a place to redress the balance and get some ‘real’ women on TV for a change, and who could be better than the naturally beautiful real online bingo ladies? So come on don’t be shy, waggle your bingo wings and who knows the next ‘Show us your Bingo Wings’ pin up girl could be you!