The Bingo industry in the UK is striving to get a new audience, but increasingly ignoring one major group of society who'd like to play. Bingo 4 Him is a new site set up to educate men on the game and make them feel a part of Bingo.

(PRWEB) September 11, 2006 -- Bingo in the UK is exploding. There's now more than a 100 sites supplying the UK version of the game online. In the real world, the bricks and mortar Bingo industry is giving the perceptions of the game a make-over in an aim to bring in a newer and more profitable audience of younger, professional women.
Amongst all this re-branding and land grabbing for new Bingo punters, one group has been willfully forgotten and marginalised, Men. This potentially massive audience for the game have become so ashamed about their playing the game, that many resort to masquerading as women online to avoid ridicule.

The industry is doing little to entice the male of the species into the game -- so we're giving them a helping hand. Bingo 4 Him ( is a new web site with the sole aim of educating men to the joys and masculine appeal of the game of Bingo.

Set up in partnership with Playing Bingo ( the humorous site explains why men should play Bingo and be proud to play. It covers the basics of the game, both off and online and gives men an overview of the more man-friendly online Bingo sites. If that's not enough, men are welcome to take one of the free Bingo Blokes Badges to proclaim their pride for the game on their own websites.

It's Bingo with balls, grab your markers and let's roll...