Looking for new fun ways to combine the building excitement of the latest X Factor and our favourite game? Luckily for you we have a few suggestions that you ought to find 'Schermazing' in that case, so brew up and get ready for some serious bingoing fun!

First up there's the hilarious take on X Factor bingo that the online Radio Times has to offer. Simply watch the next instalment and check off the comments and observations on your cards as the evening progresses. A whole lot of fun this one keeping Louie’s wardrobe in check as well as Sharon's favoured water throwing activities, you won't win any prizes but this game has clearly been written by fans of the show and so will guarantee some giggles along the way! Follow the link to find their bingo card and make sure your family and friends join in the fun follow this link

Of course if you're looking to make your enjoyment of the show pay, Mecca Bingo's the place to be. As partner to the show, there are heaps of variations when it comes to sharing the fun here and better still if you like an evening of X Factor round your mate's houses you can download their exclusive X Factor app and enjoy the fun on the move too! Use the app to chat to your roomies and access the same treats as the online community and rest assured leaving the house won't mean you miss a trick with Mecca!

While their X Factor app is a cool new innovation, we're sure it's the X Factor Jackpot that will be getting most players excited this month – especially as it has an inbuilt insurance feature that means if you buy a ticket 24 hours before the the gold jackpot is struck you'll bag yourself a share of a whopping £10k! This really is an awesome way to make your pay play while giggling along with Sharon or trying to judge what the judges will come up with next!

The best way to integrate your Saturday night fun is of course to get in the X Factor Bingo Room of course though – and don't worry you can still access this room on your phone too. All tickets are BOGOF here and we have to say that having spent the last few Saturdays hanging out here during the show and after (of course) the chat is electric! It's almost as fun as being in the arena itself – although now the contestants have moved into the judges houses it'll feel even closer to the game to have all your mates around you while you're enjoying all the fun so get dialling and making plans before Saturday and don't forget to tell everyone about the X Factor app too!