altWhen pensioners get pushed too far…

When you roll up to your favourite bingo hall for your game, you're undoubtedly blissfully unaware of any animosity, which might be circulating. Bingo is known for being a highly social game, which many enjoy together or on their own, but bingo after all is a game and its competition and when there is competitiveness there is always going to be hostility. People can certainly be very set in their ways when it comes down to luck and rather OCD practices to guarantee their the best possible game performance. Suppose hostility has effect over and gets in the way of a players game? This is what happens and it isn't pretty...

It would seem that you're never too old to get in trouble with the law as pensioner Fred Smith found out. Fred was arrested for criminal mischief after attempting to slash the tyres of a fellow bingo players van. His justification for committing such an act ... she sat in HIS bingo chair. At 82 years old Fred was arrested and more disgracefully, banished from his beloved bingo hall after successfully slashing female player's tyres all because she made the fatal error of sitting in his chair. According to the police Fred used an ice pick to angrily bludgeon the woman's tires.

Unknowingly to Ethel, she wasn't aware that sitting in someone's favourite chair in a bingo hall was a punishable offence. Ethel went to play bingo to celebrate her 88th birthday in her local bingo hall in Lake Wales, Florida. Not surprisingly poor Ethel was left stunned and bewildered after the occurrence; she stated "I didn't think anyone would be low enough to do that to my car because I didn't know I had archenemies in my life". Being a quiet woman, Ethel is obviously discouraged by the experience and is very upset. She feels although she now has an enemy in the world.

It seems apparent that after his fit of uncontrollable range that Fred Smith calmed down and saw the error of his ways but it was too late this time. Lake Wales Deputy Chief Troy Schulze exclaimed: "The man admitted to it when the officer told him what he was there to investigate. He was apologetic". Fred was clearly in deep regret which demonstrates how not to act when you're angry and will now have to face the repercussions.

Sadly with any reasonable game you get sore losers, hostile people and others that are far too set in their ways. Nothing on the scale of sitting in someone else's seat should ever get taken to the extremes Fred took them too. What do you think to Fred Smith's behaviour? Completely outrageous? A man that's become far too obsessed with the game in an unhealthy way. We believe bingo should be a game of entertaining and sociability. And what happened to the old rule of giving up your chair for a woman?

People can be very set in their ways when it comes to luck and rather OCD practices to ensure their optimum game performance. We believe bingo should be a game of fun and sociability, never take things to heart and certainly never act immediately upon impulse or in a fit of initial rage.