Online Bingo

We've already looked at the increasing popularity of Telly Bingo this week but given the current climate of immense change within our favourite game, let's take an overview as to the many varied ways you can currently enjoy a game of bingo and see which is best for your lifestyle.

If you're happy at home (maybe you have children or work unusual shifts) and want to stay there for the time being, you are probably best off looking into Telly Bingo options or sticking with online bingo for now. This doesn't mean you have to stick with the same site of course, you can check out what other sites are around using the Bingo Hideout directory and ask any questions you may have on our forum.

There is also the option of making your own game at home too, in keeping with the early traditions of playing within small groups you can play with the whole family for treats and forfeits for those who don't make the blackout in time. A fun way to entertain on rainy days, don't forget that bingo was also used as a method to teach maths in various European countries for some time! Buy products like your own bingo ball machine for very little from Argos or search around for a product that can withstand regular family adrenaline packed evenings!

Taking part in live play is a brilliant way to enjoy a day out, and as games are available in sessions rather than continuously in most online bingo halls, you can make your bingo play a part of the day. Live bingo whether at a big name hall, local church or pier, leaves you bonus time in the evening to spend your winnings among friends and can make your day a lot brighter too. Next time you go down to the coast, check out a game at the arcades for interactive fun with amusing prizes.

Of course, it's simplistic to expect a single answer to fit your way of life, but the truth is that in most situations a combination of each or some of the options is probably the best way to go. Unless you favour online bingo above all others check out whether your digital TV box has got any bingo options available at this time or look up your local club using the onsite club search engine.