Pick your bingo lucky numbersAs discussed in our previous article, there are many ways to choose your lucky numbers from Numerology equations derived from your birth date to a simple spin on a random number generator on the Internet. Most people have an idea of their lucky number already if they play bingo (or even poker) and some have been playing bingo games with the same numbers for years.

Here we have compiled a list of interesting facts and definitions for a few significant numbers that are considered lucky across the board. Whichever theory you believe or indeed if you just 'feel' lucky with your chosen number in play here's an idea of what your number means in the grand scheme of things.

You and me, number 3

This number can be said to represent anything from the Holy Trinity through to a simple triangle of knowledge and understanding. There are many important associations this number has with the universe around us too; Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun, there are 3 primary colours and 3 dimensions to an object. Number 3 should be a good number to choose when looking for lucky numbers in chat games, as it is said to represent spontaneity and expression in Numerology.

Lucky 7


Often cited in popular culture as being a lucky number, 7 also has many important associations in our daily life that further increases its popularity. These include the 7 deadly sins and 7 days a week – conversely there is the superstition that breaking a mirror brings with it 7 years of bad luck.

Two little Ducks

Quack quack. These two little ducks represent a whole lot of important factors in terms of Numerology; in fact 22 is considered the Master Number. This means that those who choose this number or whose numerological number is 22 are invested with great power and wisdom.

Interestingly in a Tarot deck there are 22 Major Arcana cards, meaning the 22nd card decides the outcome of any reading. It is also associated with a red-gold colour, so use in combination with a red dauber for a winning combination.

36 - Three Dozen

This number is widely recognised as being the number of plays that Shakespeare wrote giving it a deep cultural significance. There is also a 1 in 36 chance of rolling a double six on two dice – an interesting fact for those of you who also enjoy casino games.

What's your lucky number? Tell us in the comments below!