Online bingo platforms

Whichever is your favourite place to play bingo, your site will be reliant on a games platform to deliver the graphics and quality of bingo game that you and your roomies have come to expect.

The platform your bingo site runs from determines the options you have in play as well as the level of interactivity between players, so if for example you're looking for a game that let's you talk to as many players as possible in any given room so you can build on your community, the new Parlay platform should be up your street. If however, you want to explore as many chat rooms as possible in play you should look at the next site from Gamesys, or play on Tombola.

As you may know some sites such as Bingo Liner and Blackpool Club Bingo require a download to your computer before all the games will run as effectively as they are designed to. If you are already playing on a site like this you will have noticed there is often a choice to play without the download, but in short you will not be experiencing the site in its full glory if you choose not to store a small amount of information on your hard drive.

There are a few main platforms that currently allow you to play the best in uk bingo such as Gamesys, Parlay and Tombola to name but a few. Of these Parlay is considered the most prominent due to its past innovations for the game of online bingo. However, as we are about to witness the latest incarnation of bingo games from Gamesys we will refrain from making a judgement as to which is the best platform at the moment and leave that up to you.