Wink Bingo

For all of us who have been playing for a while, it's obvious that it's the social side of UK bingo that has made it one of the most popular gaming phenomena over the last few years.

The instant access you have to the rest of the room, the positive attitude of everyone playing and the friendships you build over time bring players back time and again.

Playing catch up

While we have had access to this facility for some time, there are many who have just caught up and realised how much fun chatting online can be - that's why there's been such an explosion of numbers across sites such as Facebook this year.

Having taken on board the massive appeal that such sites have, Wink Bingo have now launched their own bingo social networking site called Winkme, which combines the best of both worlds. We’re very excited about this as it means the strength of the Wink community will be second to none once this catches on.

What can't you do?

With features allowing you to develop profiles, look at the celebrity channel, share photos and work with your bingo team while on line or just look at where you are in the league, there's no end to what you can do here.

Combine all this with a free sign up bonus of £15 to get you started, and you too can play free bingo while simply setting up your profile. Let the games begin!