We want you to get the best out of the world of free bingo games at Bingo Hideout, as well as enjoying all the benefits of loyal play at your regular sites. So this week, we have come up with a short guide to getting your favourite game for free.

Join Bingo Hideout

The best way to get free games on the biggest sites is simply to take advantage of being a Bingo Hideout member! Once you subscribe you can instantly get your mitts on £100 worth of bingo play. Check out our free bingo bonuses page to discover what you've been missing out on and to try out the best in bingo games as voted for by your fellow members.

With massive names such as Foxy Bingo, Gala Bingo and Mecca Bingo all on board this fantastic offer, there's no other free site that offers its members so much. As well as updated reviews on all the sites we recommend, we also provide articles and a forum to tickle your fancy and get your creative juices flowing.

Signing up for instant benefits

Independent of our offer, simply signing up to new sites often offers you the chance to play for free. As a fantastic way of exploring the game in its many forms, registering with new sites will also open your eyes to new loyalty schemes and communities which may suit your game play better.

Play for points not cash

There are also many free bingo games to choose from on sites such as our favourite freebingo.co.uk. This free site is so good to its players you will still earn free bingo points by referring a friend despite having not having to deposit any money. Simply type in free online bingo into any search engine to see the many options of play available.

No deposit required

These sites are plenty of good fun and offer players cool prizes with no deposit required. Although games on sites like these are limited in funds, the chat and the games themselves are well worth a look. With traditional calls and auto daub facilities, so you can enjoy the chat more and get a feel for those in the room.

Loyalty is rewarded

You can also earn free games by keeping your play loyal and converting points to cards or cash to play. Many sites offer this to regular players either as the only option or as an alternative to prizes. Whichever your site offers, it's good to take advantage of your privileges from time to time and make the most from your free play by using free cards in the bigger games.