Cheeky Bingo

The latest in a long line of new sites, Cheeky Bingo has already proved to be a big hit with players of online bingo since its launch with its revolutionary new approach to gaming. As seasoned players of online bingo we all know how hard it can be to get something other than loyalty points for your money, but with Cheeky Bingo you’ll find things are different. On this site you can play for free and still win cash prizes you can withdraw which on it’s own is something not to be sniffed at.

Think outside of the box

Here at the Hideout, we’ve been paying a lot of attention to the latest ads for bingo online this week in the light of the recent, huge Foxy campaign. In doing this, we have come to the realisation that Cheeky is not only different in terms of the way you play, but hugely unusual in the way it is advertising this fact. Unlike other bingo sites which are better established, the Cheeky ad doesn’t feature women seemingly losing their senses with the excitement of the game but simply uses the icon from the site to tell us about what a great site Cheeky Bingo really is.

Forget what you know

In breaking this as well as other accepted conventions since it’s launch, really is telling us that it is a world apart from what we’ve come to know. We feel that this more sedated means of getting the message across may also encourage those who haven’t played before to try out here and is more likely to encourage male players to join. In avoiding the message that internet bingo is all about screaming women who are more likely to play bingo than have a conversation, Cheeky Bingo is widening its appeal and is more likely to pick up those who like the game in general, but are put off by the strange representations of players we often see gracing our screens. After all, we all love online bingo but outside of a big win are unlikely to run around screaming with delight at the mere idea of it!