Online bingo chat gamesAs any seasoned player of uk bingo will know there are no end to the themes and variations that internet bingo sites can dream up for chat games. That of course is the main attraction of these games as well as being based in chat where all the fun and gossip is at too!

There are however different ways to classify chat games there are those based on lucky numbers or numbers called by the CM at the beginning of the game, those based on trivial knowledge, and best of all those based on simply saying the right thing at the right time.

Most bingo sites will set up chat games so that you can win bonus bucks i.e. a prize of points rather than cash during the game. The other alternative way to win in chat games is that the results of your game can contribute toward the monthly tourney being played out across the site. This means if you bingo on a pattern or lucky letter you will start to accrue points, which count toward the big prize at the end of the month.

There are of course other ways in which you can win, for example you can win on behalf of your neighbour. These games are set up so that if you answer a question correctly you'll win a bonus for the player to your left or right in the game and hope they return the favour.

These particular games are great for strengthening the community spirit in the room and often lead to a discussion between winning players later after the event so that you can meet new friends by simply being next to them in the hall during play.