Online bingo patternsHaving sat down to compile a comprehensive guide to bingo patterns on behalf of our members this week, it has come to my attention how many there truly are!

When you play on a few bingo online sites over time you can get used to the patterns most frequently used and can forget that there are many other bingo patterns in the 75-ball bingo game out there. Playing a 75-ball game means you not only have a faster and therefore more exciting bingo game to play, but you can chase any of these patterns while playing so if you don't hit a coverall you may well find yourself picking up a bonus as a result of the shape your numbers pick out.

Often attributed to the tourney or theme running onsite at the time of play, winning on a bingo pattern can bring you closer to a holiday or bring you a simple cash prize. Generally based around the letter of the main tourney or the letters B I N G O, many bingo patterns spell out the word that defines the tourney being played on your chosen uk online bingo site or the game itself.

This is not always the case though and some sites offer bingo patterns which feature the formation of pictures and patterns as the aim of the game. From the simple 'four corners' pattern to a 'diamond inside' shape your game can move up a few gears to form something more elaborate such as a depiction of a full champagne glass.

Of course, the more squares to check on your card the more likely you'll win and if you're in the game to win a level of a tourney that's all that's important!